At Abington Park View, we make sure that each resident experiences care that’s as individual, as they are, which is why we offer care that is truly person-centred, this means that care is unique and tailored to each individual’s support and care needs. We build and review care plans with the person and/or family members, each month to ensure that the care that is to be supported, remains relevant and up to date. We offer a range of care types and durations for Individuals or couples.

Residential, Dementia, Palliative, Respite, Convelescence.

This care can be delivered on both a short stay or permanent care package, starting with a minimum placement of 4 weeks. We can accept both privately and socially funded residents and work closely with social care providers, funders, and other healthcare professionals.

District nurses are able to come to the home to assist with any basic nursing needs, enabling us to provide end of life care for you or your loved one. We are supported additionally by an excellent local medical centre.

Provisions of care range from assistance with personal care, continence, mobility, medication and communication to providing social and emotional support, reassurance, and companionship. Integral to this holistic care approach is the inclusion of all teams working closely together in a person-centred manner.



At Abington Park View, our carers have extensive training in dementia care. We adopt a holistic person-centred approach to caring for those with dementia, recognising that there is more to the person than their diagnosis. We focus on the person’s uniqueness and preferences, life experiences, relationships, and personal beliefs rather than the expected symptoms, challenges and lost abilities that accompany dementia. We look at behaviours as an important means of communication and understand that changes in behaviour may occur due to unmet needs of the person. We will use this information to support positive outcomes, reassurance and fulfilment.

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