The latest Elmfield House newsletter can be found below.

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Recent Events

Well the summer has probably been and gone, very quickly it seems! 

In August we continued to enjoy the heatwave while it lasted.

We played outdoor games in the garden, went for walks and we bought some duck feed for the remaining two ducklings left at the dried- out pond which Jan took responsibility for.

Teas on the Rec has now finished for another year. We only went to two of those in August due to poor weather on the other occasions. However, we thoroughly enjoyed each one and the weekly event has raised a lot of money for charity. Well done to the organiser’s and the volunteers who make it the huge success that it is.

We continue with our fortnightly visits from our PAT dog Bailey. He continues to make our residents smile and they love to pet him and give him attention.


We held a resident’s and relatives BBQ on 11th August and it was wonderful! It was amazing to see so many relatives at the BBQ and residents were happy that heir loved ones kept them company. It was a shame that the weather wasn’t as warm as it had been prior to our BBQ and we did have a rain shower but all in all it was a great day enjoyed by everyone present. Thank you to Colin Findlay for cooking the food and the staff on duty who ensured everything ran smoothly making the day the success that it was. A lot of time and effort goes into organising such events but it is most definitely worth it when it our residents enjoy the day.

Our outings to the Hen and Chicks are more popular than ever. Many residents look forward to our pub lunches and we are still made to feel very welcome. We often have the whole of the downstairs of the pub and we have never had a bad meal yet.

Unfortunately, Tina from High Kicks and Heels is on her summer holidays in August so we have not had her monthly show.


Instead we had Elvis in the building! We had a fantastic Elvis tribute show and it was a truly rocking performance! He sang a selection of his popular songs with a great mix of slow and fast songs. Many of our residents couldn’t resist a dance. Chris who was our Elvis for the afternoon did a great job turning the lounge into a stage with a background, disco lights and he was unrecognizable when dressed as Elvis in his white catsuit and wig!

We had a fun- filled afternoon and all the residents and relatives gave very positive feedback. We will definitely book him again!

Our monthly Church and communion service have increased in popularity. This month we had our largest attendance that I can remember which was wonderful. The sound of hymns being sung could be heard all over the home.

Upcoming events:

The new Opticians ‘Eye Concern’ are coming on 18th September to see half of our residents who are due their annual eye test.

Our annual McMillan Coffee Morning is due at the end of September but Niccii who organizes it is on holiday so we will hold our Coffee morning before or after her holiday. Posters and invitations to be distributed once a date is confirmed.

Now that Teas on the Rec have come to an end, the community café commences at the beginning of September. This takes place in the Village Hall on a Monday morning at 10am- 12pm. Weather- depending we will take small groups of residents for tea/ coffee and cake.

Staff and resident changes:

We will be welcoming Olivia Kelly to the day care team in September. She will be working full- time days following her induction period.

Sheila Whyborn who worked in the laundry is no longer at Elmfield, Julie from nights has taken over the laundry Friday- Sunday.


August was the busiest month of the year for birthday’s! We had five birthdays this month with three in the same weekend!

Pat Humphries celebrated her 94th birthday on 4th August. She had a party with her family and saw people who had travelled all over the country to be there. She had a wonderful time.

Jill Cooley and Vera Norbury both celebrated their birthdays on the same day which was the 18th August. Jill turned 78 and Vera was 85. Jill was visited by family at the home and Vera was out with her nephew. We had a birthday party tea in the evening.

Thelma Troughton celebrated her 93rd birthday on the 19th August. She had visits from family and had a birthday party tea.

Alan Nurney turned 91 years old on the 22nd of August. He was also visited by family who attended his birthday tea party.

Wishing everyone health and happiness in the coming year.

Other news:

We have upgraded the call alarm system. Residents who are at high- risk of falling now have motion sensors in their rooms which activate the alarm when the person moves from the bed/ chair. This is the most up-to-date technology available and should reduce the number of falls as staff can be with high- risk residents every time they are mobilising.

Staff will be having mandatory fire warden training early September. This will refresh fire knowledge, look at how to minimize the risk of fire and evacuation techniques.

Niccii will be on a much- needed holiday from 17th September for two weeks.

It is looking likely that the trips to West End day centre may take place from early October. Niccii will be asking residents whom is interested so that details can be finalised. This will be once or twice a week for small groups with a carer to escort.

Niccii has had a positive response from the headteacher at Bisley Primary School about the school and Elmfield working together on projects, having the school choir entertain us at Elmfield and pen pal letters between us and one of their classes.

We value our links in the local community and are looking forward to this exciting new partnership.

Now the summer is almost over, we are forward planning to the winter months. We will have the Autumn and Winter tea dances at HG Wells, our annual Halloween party, Bonfire night on the Green, Remberence Day coffee morning at the home and service on the Green, carol singing at Guildford Cathedral and in the home and Christmas Party to look forward to.

Employee of the month:

August’s employee of the month was awarded to Roland Jefferies. This is for his consistent working of over-time working 48 hours per week each week. He also does the cooking to a very high standard, often at short- notice. Roland is a dedicated team worker and helps his colleagues to ensure the shifts run smoothly. Well done, it is much deserved!