Recent Events

June has been and gone with no significant changes to report.

The weather has been variable with some lovely sunny days, mixed in with torrential downpours of rain.

Unfortunately, lockdown within Elmfield House has continued and we have been unable to have non- essential visitors within the home.

Residents are missing their families and the video calls are great, but are not the same as face-to- face visits.

We have everything in place to commence garden visits as soon as the Government allow us to do so.

We have had a couple of BBQ’s when the weather was nice. The kitchen staff put on a lovely selection of marinated chicken, burgers, sausages, vegetarian burgers and sausages with potato salad and salads.

We will continue to make the most of any nice weather and make use of the BBQ when we can, it is always thoroughly enjoyed by our residents.

Our pen pal system has continued and we are still receiving lots of lovely letters. We are going to make a scrap book or folder for our letters.

We continue to receive lots of wonderful drawings, poems and paintings.

We have been lucky enough to have Rossi’s ice cream van come to us on a regular basis. We have all enjoyed the delicious Mr Whippy ice cream either on a cone or in a tub. This really has gone done a treat. Umaid, who owns the ice cream van parked in the drive way and played the tune to notify us that he was here. Several residents stood next to the ice cream van and posed for pictures. Several local residents of the village asked whether they would regularly come to Bisley and they now do frequent visits, so this has proved beneficial for everyone! We are treated very well and they come at times to suit us around meals and snacks.

We changed our menu at the beginning of June. As usual, the menu was chosen by our residents and popular meals are featured more regularly.

We now have three hot options daily, one of which is always a vegetarian option. This is a result of non- vegetarian residents wanting to try some of the meals which our vegetarian residents were eating.

Due to restrictions with shopping and quantities; residents are being asked to choose a meal option from the menu choices and the cook is checking this daily with residents who are known to sometimes change their minds. This is also to try and reduce food wastage as quantities are cooked to order.

Popular new dishes so far have been the vegetable crumble, Mediterranean chicken, leg of lamb on a Sunday and butternut squash casserole.

We have still struggled to get residents to join in with activities.

The power plate is being used nearly everyday to help residents maintain their core strength in arms and legs.

Alisha did some art and crafts with Vera and Jan. they painted an ocean.

Pamper afternoons remain popular and several residents enjoy having their nails painted and foot spas.

Patricia has been reading her books in the garden.

Several residents have joined in with the target games, hoopla and bean bags with Helen, Brenda and Jan being very competitive.

We have played outdoor skittles.

Colin has also been coming in occasionally to do quizzes with the residents which is enjoyed by some of the ladies.

We now have an Amazon Firestick which allows our residents to watch Netflix movies, Disney + and catch up programs.

This was very kindly ordered by Dannii, one of our Carers, as an early leaving present from her to the residents. This was very thoughtful of her and means that we can access lots of movies free of charge which gives us greater choice and flexibility. Brenda in particular is very pleased by this as she loves to watch a movie each afternoon.

Early June, we had Rikki, our Chiropodist in Elmfield. She attended to every resident’s feet and this was much needed. Nearly everyone commented on how much better they felt afterwards!

Before her next visit mid- July, Rikki will have another Covid 19 test and ensure that she is negative before coming to the home.

Upcoming events

Early July, the hairdresser Nicky will be in Elmfield on Monday 6th and Tuesday 7th July to do all of our resident’s hair. Several residents will be having a perm, the others it will be a much- needed cut. John has got some lovely curls at the moment! I am certain that a bit of TLC from Nicky will have everyone feeling a bit brighter and better in themselves.

We have an outdoor entertainments show called “Bring me Sunshine” scheduled for the afternoon of 16th July. This will either take place in the garden or in the car park depending on the preference of the entertainment providers.

This show will have to take place outdoors as this is the safest way to perform their shows.

We are keeping our fingers crossed that in the near future, we will be able to have the highly anticipated garden visits. As soon as we get given the green light, we will have them up and running. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this will happen sooner rather than later.

Staff and resident changes

During June, we have not had any changes to our staffing team.

We have not had any new admissions either. On a temporary basis, our empty rooms are substituting as a staff changing room and PPE area.

The other room has been made into an additional staff room for staff to be able to take their breaks and be able to socially distance whilst not wearing their PPE.


We have not had any birthdays to celebrate in June. The next birthday is John Notley’s towards the end of July.

Other news

Unfortunately, the batch of swabs sent for our Covid 19 tests were found to be from a faulty batch. Further tests have been requested but have not yet arrived.

Staff received their PPE training from Gail one of the nurses from the local authorities.

There were changes to the PPE staff need to wear, therefore all staff members of all departments have to wear a face mask at all times. They also have to wear gloves and aprons whenever they are within a two- metre proximity of a colleague or resident.

Wearing PPE has been very challenging with the heatwave and discomfort it causes: Well done to all the staff for your co-operation and perseverance.

Employee of the month

Employee of the month for June has been awarded to Nana Bonsu. She has done really well with her medication training. Has signed up for her diploma in Health & Social Care and completed her Redcrier courses promptly. Nana has consistently covered shifts when needed. Nana has enhanced her relationship with residents who speak very highly of her kind nature and hard-working attitude. Nana always comes to work with a smile and a positive attitude. Well done and keep it up!