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Recent events:

November has been a very busy month with lots going on……

On Saturday 2nd November there was the annual Bonfire and firework display on Bisley village green. The weather was awful so sadly we did not attend but a group of residents watched the display from the porch where it was warm and dry.

The following week was Remembrance Sunday and residents were offered the opportunity to go to the Memorial service at Bisley cenotaph across the road by the clock tower.

Not many residents attended but some did watch the procession from the porch and those who did attend said it was wonderful. The Soldiers from Pirbright camp were there in their best uniforms and had their medals shining brightly.

On Monday 11th we had the honor of welcoming three soldiers from Pirbright camp to Elmfield with their administrator for coffee and a chat. They stayed for over two hours and we shared the minutes silence with them at our home. The soldiers shared their stories of being in the military and took great pride in serving our country also highlighting the sacrifices they make daily. Many of our residents shared their war time memories of evacuations, being in the land army, losing loved ones, serving in the middle east and the bombings. This was a wonderful coffee morning with mutual respect and admiration from both parties.

We had another entertaining show from Tina at High Kicks & Heels. She sang her melody of well- known songs and several residents had a dance during the show.

We have had the school children with their weekly visits each Wednesday and they have been doing all- sorts with our residents including jigsaws, cake decorating, bingo, games and exercises. We really look forward to their Wednesday afternoon visits and they are a wonderful group of children.

The ladies from Bisley church have been to do their monthly service and communion. The sound of hymns being sung around the home was lovely an is much appreciated by our residents who have their faith.

Jasmine from G-Fitness has conducted her monthly exercise class with a good response and participation. Patricia W shows off her impressive yoga skills and is an expert in the exercises! Well done!

The Surrey Heath visiting library did their monthly visit. Sadly, there is not a great turnout but finger crossed this might change otherwise the volunteers may stop their visits here. We trialed the audio books for the communal areas but feedback was that they preferred music or television as there were difficulties hearing with background noise.

Bailey our visiting PAT dog continues to come each fortnight. Carline his owner looks forward to seeing us all and Bailey loves the fuss.

Upcoming events:

December is looking likely to be another hectic month with lots going on to get us in the Christmas spirit.

On 2nd December we will be having the Beavers at Elmfield to decorate our tree and the home. The Beavers have a new leader but we have already connected and are making plans to enhance our relationship with the group into 2020.

We have our winter clothes show on 3rd December so that residents can update their winter wardrobe and it’s also an opportunity for relatives to do some Christmas shopping.

The last clothes show was very popular and residents said that they enjoyed the opportunity to choose their own clothing, especially those who found going shopping difficult for various health reasons.

We have the Christmas tea dance at HG Wells on 4th December. This is always a highly anticipated outing although transport difficulties make it difficulty for people who require the use of wheelchairs. A solution to this is being looked into.

Tina will be doing her Christmas special version of High Kicks and Heels on 10th December. I’m sure there will be lots of festive songs to sing- along to and help get everyone into the Christmas spirit.

We have been invited to the Community afternoon tea at Bisley school on 16th December. We are very flattered to be invited to this event.

On 17th December we have the choir from Bisley church at Elmfield to sing Christmas carols. We will share some mince pies and hot toddies. In recent years, the carol service has been a jubilant event and all are welcome.

It is also the Vyne day center Christmas party and a couple of our residents will be attending this.

On the 19th we have the annual carol service at Guildford cathedral which we have been too for the past few years. Christmas carols really do sound amazing with the instruments and church choir.

Also, on the 19th is the Bisley village Christmas party in the village hall. This is a wonderful even with lots of local people coming together to share the joys of Christmas.

To end a busy week, on 20th December we host Graham and Kiah as entertainers for our Christmas party. I am sure this will be as wonderful as it has been in recent years with lots of food, drink and festive fun! All are welcome!

We will also be having a Christmas dinner in the Hen and Chickens pub. Date to be confirmed.

We are going to celebrate Christmas jumper day as organsied by the Alzheimer’s society and will host an afternoon tea on this day. Date to be confirmed.

We have lots of Christmas themed activities going on through December such as main Christmas cards, creating our gingerbread village, making Christmas pom poms, calendars, making Christmas tree ornaments and stained -glass windows to name a few.

 Staff and resident changes:

We have sadly said goodbye to Colin Chaldecott who moved to another care home in Aldershot.

We have had a respite resident called Rosemary who stayed with us for two weeks following recovery from an operation.

We have welcomed Helena Veale to Elmfield who has moved from Nottingham to stay closer to her family, two of whom live locally. Helena is settling in well and slowly adapting to life in a care home after living alone and independently for a long time.  Welcome to Elmfield!

Jade has re-joined us on the housekeeping team and works Monday- Friday.

We will have some new care staff starting in December following successful security checks.


We have not had any birthdays to celebrate in November.

Other news:

Now that winter is upon us, unfortunately so are winter related health concerns.

Most residents chose to have their flu vaccinations to help protect them from flu. However, due to the heating germs and bacteria breed quicker than in the summer months so we are kindly requesting that visitors refrain from coming into the home if they have coughs, colds or flu.

Please can everyone use their hand gels when entering and leaving the home.

The dreaded winter Norovirus bugs seem to be going around the local area. If any resident is affected, relatives will be informed and advised not to visit a sit is highly contagious. We implement a 48- hour isolation policy to prevent spread of potential bugs amongst residents therefore a resident showing signs or symptoms would be cared for within their own room until symptom subside. This is standard practice in health and social care this practice is also followed by staff, who cannot return to work until they have been symptom- free for at least 48 hours following sickness or diarrhoea.

Any outbreaks within the home have to be reported to RIDDOR and a visiting ban would be expct6d to be in place for the duration of an outbreak.

Niccii has been on a four- day training course ‘Lead to succeed’ which is a new course for care home managers and leaders to help meet the ‘Well- led’ section of CQC inspections. Lots of new ideas will be implemented in due course. …..

Employee of the month:

Employee of the month for November has been awarded to Diane Findlay for making extra efforts to complete her allocated monthly tasks. Diane has responsibilities of over-seeing several important systems which are detrimental to the background running of the home.

Diane consistently maintains these and her input is sometimes not recognized.

Diane’s attitude to teamwork has improved recently.

Well done Diane and keep up the good work each month!