Recent Events

In the blink of an eye, our summer has been and gone!

We managed to squeeze in another BBQ or two, on the days that the sun decided to make an appearance.

Rosie, Audrey and Lottie have all brought their doggies into the garden to say hello to our residents which has made them smile. The therapeutic effects of stroking pets is well- known, and it is fair to say that the dogs loved the attention too…..

Staff have continued taking residents out and about in the village, weather permitting. It is lovely to get some fresh air and a change of scenery.

Several residents have been going out with their relatives which is great: Jan and Patricia have been to their daughters to visit them. Barbara has been out for walks, to teas on the rec and also for Sunday roasts with her family. Yvonne has been out with her daughter to the shop and around the village.

We have had Audrey Evans back with us for one week respite early August. She was delighted to be reunited with Patricia and Sylvia, and the trio spent most afternoons playing dominoes or crib whilst having a good old natter. Audrey will be back with us again in the near future and we look forward to this.

Sadly, we couldn’t get to ‘Teas on the Rec’ due to Niccii being on holiday the first week, not so good weather the second week and the final two were cancelled due to covid cases. This is sad as we have been taking our residents there ever since it started several years ago. We will look forward to next year’s events instead.

We were very kindly donated a chocolate fudge-cake that was surplus to requirements from the second ‘Teas on the rec’ which was thoroughly enjoyed by our residents.

Residents have been enjoying ‘karaoke’ sessions with sing- along videos and accompanying words. Les, Jill, Jan, Joan and Vera sang along to some classic songs whilst John whistled to familiar songs. Music really does bring back memories and it’s amazing how our residents can remember the words from decades ago.

We have had our usual activities such as pamper sessions, quizzes, reminiscing, chair- based exercises and games. Patricia and Sylvia have been playing dominoes each afternoon. Nicky, the hairdresser has continued to come each fortnight keeping our residents well- presented and boosting their self- esteem.

Residents have been watching the Paralympics and Jan in particular, has been keeping everyone up to date with the medals league table. It seems that Great Britain have been doing very well!

Upcoming Events

We are hoping to have some entertainment in September to boost our spirits as shows are always enjoyed by all.

We have a lady called Doreen who will be coming for respite care for a fortnight early September. Doreen lives locally in Woking, and Elmfield has been recommended by staff at the Bedser Hub, which is a huge compliment to us. We are regularly recommended by healthcare professionals.

It will be Les’ 90th birthday on 12th September, and the day before, he will have a surprise garden party with his relatives, some are travelling quite some way to join in with the celebrations.

Staff and resident changes

Sadly, we said goodbye to Jade Haverty who was primarily housekeeper, but also worked as a bank carer covering care shifts as and when needed. Jade really has been an asset to the team and will be missed! Niccii and Dawn bought some gifts which were presented to Jade on her final shift. Residents had prosecco and cake with their lunch as part of the celebrations. Jade also brought some cakes and other goodies for our residents.

Carla Smith has been employed as a part- time carer who will work day shifts. Carla is experienced in health and social care and recently worked in Woking & Sam Beare hospice, as well as being a registered childminder.

Tarja Gurley will join our bank team working predominantly weekend shifts. Tarja is a chef in the army and would like additional work some weekends to learn new skills and develop herself professionally.

We welcomed three new residents in August which is amazing! Rita Cleverly moved into room 6 from a care home in Axminister to be closer to her family who live locally. Rita is a lovely woman who likes her own company.

Beryl Ham moved into room 18 the following day from hospital. Beryl is struggling with her ailments but is grateful to the carers for supporting her and their kindness.

Mary Sneddon moved into room 7. She had been living with her grand-daughter but needed more support. Mary has settled in very well and is appreciative of the company.


We had a double birthday on 18th August. Vera Norbury celebrated her 88th birthday. She had the giggles all day and even sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to herself! Vera had a visit from her nephew earlier on in the week and she had some lovely handmade cards from the children within her family.

Jill Cooley also celebrated her birthday the same day. She was 81 years old. Jill had her family visit a few days later and she received some lovely gifts.

We had a tea party and the home was decorated with balloons and banners. We had enough birthday cake to last for days afterwards!

Other news

In July, the Government made it a mandatory requirement for all care home staff to be fully vaccinated against Covid 19 by 11th November. It will be unlawful for staff to work in care homes without this (unless medically exempt). The deadline for first vaccinations is 16th September. This includes all personnel working within a care home such as maintenance, hairdressers, CPN’s, social workers, chiropodist, contractors and CQC inspectors.  Sadly, it appears that we will be losing some valued staff who do not wish to be vaccinated for various reasons.

It has been a busy few weeks ensuring letters have gone out to staff, creation of a covid vaccination policy, speaking to all staff to find out their wishes.

We have had contact from the Covid 19 vaccination team who have said that the annual booster vaccination for Covid 19 and flu will be available to care homes and care home staff, from 6th September.

The vaccination team will come onsite and they plan on administering both vaccinations on the same day. This will be one vaccination per arm. Dates will be given and consent forms issued as soon as a date has been confirmed.

Two of our residents have enjoyed visits from loved ones who live abroad. The pandemic and associated restrictions have made international travel much more difficult, so these visits were extra special.

Helena was reunited with her son, Adrian, who came over from Belgium. Of course, he brought some Belgian chocolates from his Mum. Helena was delighted to spend time with Adrian over his visits.

Yvonne was also visited by her son Mark, who resides in France. Mark arrived in style on a very nice motorbike! Yvonne had previously told us about his love for motorbikes! Yvonne had a wonderful time with Mark on his visits and she loved the sweet peas he brought her.

Both visits were very emotional and was a reminder of the sacrifices we have all had to make over the past 18 months or so. We sincerely hope that such restrictions are not imposed again.

It was recently announced that the sale of Elmfield has not completed as previously scheduled on 23rd August. Due to unforeseen circumstances, there has been a temporary halt to the process. It is hoped that this will be short- lived and the process will recommence in the near future.

Niccii will keep all updated as and when there is news to inform you off. An email from the Board of Directors was sent to relatives and staff at the end of August to inform everyone.

Employee of the month

Employee of the month for August has been awarded to Rosie Hilderley. Since her supervision, Rosie has really listened to and responded to feedback given to her.

Rosie has successfully completed her medication training and has been very helpful administering medication whilst on shift.

Rosie has also covered some weekend shifts recently which has been much appreciated.

Rosie is starting to demonstrate leadership skills and has notably grown in confidence and has stepped out of her comfort zone which can be very daunting.

Keep up the great work!