We offer private dining events, which allow for friends and family to get together to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries.  

Our catering staff consists of experienced chefs who offer only the best in nutritional and delicious food, which reflects the individual tastes and dietary needs of our residents. We pride ourselves in adhering to dietary needs, whether they are religious, cultural or medical. All of the food is prepared on site and comprises of fresh local produce, ensuring that all the meals provided are healthy, nutritional and most importantly delicious tasting. The residents are given gorgeous cakes every day with their afternoon tea, ranging from lemon drizzle to raspberry and coconut cake and we find that the residents relish this 3.30pm treat. Of course, we also like to offer healthy options such as fresh fruit if they so wish.

Our dining room is spacious and light and offers a chance for the residents to engage in conversation with each other. This is especially true when new residents join the home and offers a platform for other residents to make them feel welcome. We found that food and the social aspect surrounding it is so important in people’s lives and we try to create an atmosphere where friendships are made, as we all know that the best friendships are built over good home cooking.

Not only do our chefs focus on providing nutritious, balanced diets, but they also pay particular attention to specialist needs – whether health related (such as diabetes) or religious.

We have been fortunate enough due to the diligence of our catering team to be awarded a 5***** rating by the Local Authority for Food and Hygiene.

Freshly baked bread
Roast in pan


Our home operates a 4 weekly rotational menu to offer a varied and appetising choice of meals for our residents. Our whole menu is based on discussion with our Residents and considers their likes, dislikes, preferences, and we aim to give maximum choice.

  • All main meals are served with a minimum of two fresh vegetables, daily
  • A non-meat dish is offered at lunchtimes as well as lighter meals as a third choice
  • We also offer a choice of meals based on individual needs, considering culture and wishes we offer a diabetic menu all homemade puddings, sauces and custards are prepared with a sugar substitute ad ae suitable for diabetics, some specialist items are also offered where requested
  • We can also cater for those who are wheat intolerant (Coeliac) diet, as well as low fat weight reducing options
  • All allergies will also be catered for
  • Hot and cold drinks, snacks and fresh fruit are available throughout the day and night for all residents
  • Favourite food or dishes not on the menu will be sought and provided on request