Meet The Team

Sarahjane Copeman

Sarahjane Copeman - Manager

My name is Sarahjane and I am the Manager here at Abington Park View. I have a passion for delivering truly, quality driven care and a particular passion for dementia care, believing that every individual with a dementia, can live a fulfilling life .I have a vast amount of experience of consistently delivering high standards of care over the past 20 years. I have shaped and managed APV for the past 3 and a half years (with the exception of a 3 month gap). My main responsibilities are to oversee the safe and effective management of the Home, ensuring standards are maintained and exceeded.

We have developed a team with exceptional values and commitment to delivering safe, quality care support. I am very proud of what we have achieved so far and what we can still achieve, striving for continuous improvement, led by our residents. This is a bespoke Home providing a bespoke, truly personalised service.  All departments work hard as a team to create and understand the needs of our residents. Our Home and the decisions taken within it are led by our residents, from where a picture is to be hung, to the colour of their bedrooms, to what the menu consists of. Everyday, we strive to ensure APV is a place where our residents experience Joy and Happiness and a place where we strive to continuously,  enhance, lives. We are told often what a lovely ‘feel’ the Home has and how consistent the staff team is, mostly, the team have been together for a number of years, which says much about the APV ‘family’ particularly in the current climate.

steven farndale

Steven Farndale - Health & Safety and Maintenance Manager

Hi my name is Steven, I am the Health and Safety and Maintenance Manager at Abington park view care home. One of the most positive aspects of working here is the team spirit. Everyone from household, seniors, wellbeing coordinators and kitchen staff all work together making sure all is done safely and properly for the benefit of our residents. We all try to work as efficiently as possible and one of my roles is to facilitate this process considering the needs of staff and residents thereby creating a happy and pleasant atmosphere.

My primary concern is the comfort and safety of all our residents and staff. No less important my role also encompasses the security and safety of the building it’s framework and contents. I work proactively to pre-empt risk and find solutions to ensure well-being and needs are met for everyone here. It’s an ever-changing environment of new challenges and developments and during my time here I have bought many projects to successful completion. These include both improvements in the working environment for the staff and enhancing the atmosphere of the resident’s home here at Abington Park view.

monika kulpa

Monika Kulpa - Housekeeping Manager


Hi, my name is Monika and I have been working at APV since 2015 as Housekeeping Manager for the past 2 years. My main responsibilities are to oversee, supervise and manage the Kitchen and Housekeeping, departments, ensuring that standards are maintained, that regulations are adhered to, that residents choices and preferences are met. I have a very supportive and hardworking team with whom we maintain the high standards of cleanliness and hygiene throughout the home. Meals are all prepared and cooked on site with fresh ingredients. My main goal is in making Abington Park View look and feel like the resident’s own homes, and I am always open to suggestions from the residents as to any changes we can make to personalise this.

monika kulpa

Kelly Morris - Deputy Manager


My name is Kelly and I am the Care Lead at Abington Park View, having worked here since 2011. My main responsibility is to oversee the care team, providing support and advice to the Senior Carers as well as ensuring implementation of processes and up to date guidance. In addition, I ensure that care delivered is to the high standard we strive for, by ensuring care plans are continuously updated and person centred, and that the staff team receive all the support they need to develop their skills and knowledge.


I complete audits in both medication delivery and care delivery, assist with the medication management cycle and liaise with GP’s and other healthcare professionals as required. I work very closely with the Registered Manager reviewing audits and trends which enable continuous improvement. This enables the team to continuously provide high quality care and that residents are directly involved in their care delivery. I complete staff supervisions and appraisals and help train those who are competent in medication administration.

hanane sabri

Hanane Sabri - Senior Carer


My name is Hanane and I am a senior carer at Abington Park View and have enjoyed working here for the last 7 years. My main responsibility is to oversee and provide support to the care team, delegating tasks and assigning them the varied responsibilities involved in the course of the shift. I am the lead and Medication Champion and am responsible for the ordering and booking in of all monthly and interim medication. I work very closely with GP’s and healthcare professionals and make referrals as required. I keep abreast of changes in legislation, communicating this to colleagues and gaining knowledge as to how different medications interact with others.

lisa bassett

Lisa Bassett - Wellbeing Coordinator


My name is Lisa, and I am the wellbeing co-ordinator at Abington Park View. My role is to enhance resident’s wellbeing by providing both one to one and group activities catered to everyone’s individual needs. This may be an activity surrounding previous occupations, hobbies, interests or to support with emotional needs by providing companionship and reassurance. Where possible I arrange for visits outside of the home and make great use of the superb locality to Abington Park. During the restrictions of covid my role has become integral to supporting residents who were unable to be visited by their relatives or access the community and proved how vital activities and social interactions are for anyone’s emotional wellbeing.